Remaining furniture

In recently designed and built houses it is common to provide one large open space. The great adventage of such solution is the prospect of increasing the free- space functionality. Simultaneously if you want to create one harmonious entity it is crucial to choose the right furniture, and that could be a problem .That is why we offer a large selection of furniture: sliding wardrobe doors,  various kinds of chest of drawers and  RTV cabinets.
It is also possible to order non-standard bathroom cabinets, office furniture, bedroom furniture or kids’ room furniture.
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In the answer for increasing clients’ interest we decided to enrich our offer in interior door production. We produce the  the door of every size and colour. We also offer a wide range of  natural veneers. All door products have regulated door bucks.




We also offer kitchen tables and the sliding  dining room  tables. The table top can be made of any material  you choose. It is  possible to combine different types of surface ( for ex. Glass and wood, aluminium and veneer etc.) We produce tables of every size. If you decide to order both kitchen and table what you get is the unity of colour and look of the products.




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